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What is carbon steel plate


The material is carbon steel steel plate, other such as stainless steel plate, tool steel plate, etc., the same reason This kind of name is called according to the name of the steel product. According to the name, the classification mainly includes: Pig iron, carbon structural steel, high-quality carbon structural steel, low-alloy structural steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel and bearing steel, tool steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, etc.

Properties of Alloy Steel Plates


The current output of alloy steel plate is already very large, even if it is not produced in the world, it can be used all over the world for many years. Under the downturn in the industry, my country's alloy steel plate manufacturers are also continuously producing, and the production volume is increasing sharply. The steel plate is not lacking in quantity but lacking in quality. In particular, the production method must be transformed to an intelligent production method, so that the alloy steel plate industry will have a better development.

High strength alloy steel plate


Alloy steel plates are mainly used in the manufacture of bridges, ships, vehicles, boilers, high-pressure vessels, oil and gas transportation steel plates, large-scale steel structures, etc. It can be said that they are used in a wide range of engineering construction, especially in various The use of low-alloy steel and the production and construction are indispensable. The intrinsic factors that affect the yield strength of alloy steel plates are: bond, organization, structure, and atomic nature. For example, comparing the yield strength of metals with ceramics and polymer materials, it can be seen that the influence of bonding bonds is fundamental.

How is the thick steel plate bent?


1. In terms of specifications, the thicker the plate, the greater the bending force. Therefore, when selecting the bending equipment, it is necessary to increase the bending force. Because the tensile strength of the stainless steel plate is low, it needs a large deformation force. 2. The higher the yield strength of the metal material, the stronger the ductility and recovery ability, so the smaller the angle that needs to be suppressed, such as the bending angle of 90°, and the repairability of the stainless steel plate will be greater than that of the carbon steel when it is bent, so the suppression The angle is smaller than that of carbon steel. 3. In the case of corresponding to the thickness and bending radius of the design drawings, the bent workpiece needs to meet the precise requirements of the design plan, and the measurement is carried out according to the calculation formula of the operator. Is there any problem in the simplified calculation process.

Introduction to the characteristics of steel with good performance


It is mainly used for large-area wear conditions. It has good performance in terms of toughness and plasticity. The use of surfacing technology can increase the thickness and hardness of the product, because it uniformly welds the high-hardness self-protected alloy wire during welding. on the substrate. The number of composite layers is from one layer to two layers or even multiple layers. During the composite process, due to the different shrinkage ratio of the alloy, uniform transverse cracks appear. It has its presence in metallurgy, coal, cement, electricity, glass, mining, building materials, brick and other industries. 

The difference between C-beam and channel steel


The difference between c-beam and channel steel 1. Different concepts C-shaped steel is processed by cold bending of hot rolled plate. It has thin wall and light weight, excellent section performance and high strength. Compared with traditional channel steel, the same strength can save about 30% of materials. The channel steel is produced by hot rolling, directly supplied by the steel plant, and has a large thickness and a groove-shaped long strip.

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