Properties of Alloy Steel Plates


The current output of alloy steel plate is already very large, even if it is not produced in the world, it can be used all over the world for many years. Under the downturn in the industry, my country's alloy steel plate manufacturers are also continuously producing, and the production volume is increasing sharply. The steel plate is not lacking in quantity but lacking in quality. In particular, the production method must be transformed to an intelligent production method, so that the alloy steel plate industry will have a better development.

The performance requirements of alloy steel plate

(1) High strength: generally its yield strength is above 300MPa;

(2) High toughness: the elongation is required to be 15% to 20%, and the impact toughness at room temperature is greater than 600kJ/m to 800kJ/m. For large welded components, high fracture toughness is also required;

(3) Good welding performance and cold forming performance;

(4) Low cold-brittle transition temperature;

(5) Good corrosion resistance.

In the future, the competition in the alloy steel plate industry will no longer be the competition of price, but the competition of efficiency and quality. In order to achieve a substantial improvement in production quality and efficiency, for alloy steel plate manufacturers, in addition to improving the level of equipment and consolidating the hardware foundation for their own transformation and upgrading, it is more necessary to transform from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. In the author's opinion, intelligent manufacturing is the "catalyst" for China's alloy steel plate enterprises, and it is also a new direction for the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry.

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