High strength alloy steel plate


Alloy steel plates are mainly used in the manufacture of bridges, ships, vehicles, boilers, high-pressure vessels, oil and gas transportation steel plates, large-scale steel structures, etc. It can be said that they are used in a wide range of engineering construction, especially in various The use of low-alloy steel and the production and construction are indispensable.

The intrinsic factors that affect the yield strength of alloy steel plates are: bond, organization, structure, and atomic nature. For example, comparing the yield strength of metals with ceramics and polymer materials, it can be seen that the influence of bonding bonds is fundamental.

From the perspective of the influence of the structure, there are four strengthening mechanisms that can affect the yield strength of metal materials, which are: (1) solid solution strengthening; (2) deformation strengthening; (3) precipitation strengthening and dispersion strengthening; (4) crystallinity strengthening Realm and sub-crystal strengthening. Precipitation strengthening and grain refinement strengthening are the means of increasing the yield strength of materials in industrial alloys. Among these strengthening mechanisms, the first three mechanisms increase the strength of the material while reducing the plasticity. Only the grain refinement and sub-grain refinement can improve both the strength and the plasticity.

The external factors affecting the yield strength of alloy steel plates are: temperature, strain rate, and stress state. As the temperature decreases and the strain rate increases, the yield strength of the material increases, especially the body-centered cubic metal is particularly sensitive to temperature and strain rate. This leads to low temperature embrittlement of the steel. The effect of stress state is also important. Although yield strength is an essential indicator reflecting the intrinsic properties of materials, yield strength values ​​are also different for different stress states.

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