How is the thick steel plate bent?


1. In terms of specifications, the thicker the plate, the greater the bending force. Therefore, when selecting the bending equipment, it is necessary to increase the bending force. Because the tensile strength of the stainless steel plate is low, it needs a large deformation force.

2. The higher the yield strength of the metal material, the stronger the ductility and recovery ability, so the smaller the angle that needs to be suppressed, such as the bending angle of 90°, and the repairability of the stainless steel plate will be greater than that of the carbon steel when it is bent, so the suppression The angle is smaller than that of carbon steel.

3. In the case of corresponding to the thickness and bending radius of the design drawings, the bent workpiece needs to meet the precise requirements of the design plan, and the measurement is carried out according to the calculation formula of the operator. Is there any problem in the simplified calculation process.

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